NOWs: Rike Horb and Raul Walch at Global Goals World Cup

18 September 2016 / Nows

Rike Horb: „Words“, 2016
Text on postcards, colors by Eir Soccer and Raul Walch

Every space contains thoughts. Mediated through language. Concepts for access to buildings and positions. The mind and confusion in monolgues. The postcards share notions and ideas on the human, as well as on the built. It follows the question of how can an architecture become inclusive and open. How can we feel belonging to space. The postcards spread words and distribute constructions in order to meet new thoughts and places.

Rike Horb and Raul Walch participate in PLAY FOR CHANGE, the launch of The Global Goals World Cup at The Social Good Summit and amplify the 17 UN Global Goals through art.

The Global Goals World Cup is an open women’s amateur soccer tournament designed to expand the scope of a conventional sport event and draw on the perspectives of creatives, academics, and activists, to merge true global citizenship with the game of soccer. To qualify, teams have to play and take action for one of their favorite 17 UN Global Goals.

The Global Goals World Cup is powered by Eir Soccer and UNDP – who are proudly supported by Social Good Summit, Save the Children and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.