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Euan Williams

48 | When this is there / The Lonely Jellyfish, 2013

This is this. That is this. This is there.

49 | This is beyond you, 2013

A tone hidden in a room plays just above your hearing range. It’s there – but it’s beyond you. Children can hear it – and you used to be able to hear it. The time it has taken you to live your life up to this point has rendered you desensitized to this piece – what you are not hearing is the length of your life. I’ve hidden the speaker in the room, and I won’t tell you where it is. You’re going to have to trust me that what you are not hearing is actually there. The sound is relatively localized around the speaker – it’s spatially specic and not a blanket that covers the room. You might have thought that you heard the piece – but maybe that was another tone from something else and the actual work is elsewhere.


When this is there / The Lonely Jellyfish, 2013