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Merlin Carter

9 – 11 | Distributed Render Errors, 2013

There are specific sections of our space that the almighty processing unit cannot accurately render. Glitches are leaking through the texture maps. The membrane is tearing open. What lies beyond? projection mapped animations

9 | Error Code: 10263 Stack Overfl ow: Renderer Not Supported

10 | Error Code: 43560 Rendering Failed. Object not set to an instance of an object

11 | Error Code: 25680 The Scene Must Contain At Least One Solid Model Object To Render

12 | No Input Signal Detected, 2013

The poetry of the the error message is not to be underestimated. Sometimes it is too subtle for us to notice, but maybe the machines don’t mean what we we think they mean? projected animation

13 | Rowing against the Stream, 2013

You open the laptop and it begins. Like a  re hose pointed at your face, the images gush through your skull and render your body numb and incapacitated. But you can’t stop, you are pinned against the chair. Somehow it feels good. Just one more minute. We can stay in the stream, but let’s reclaim our bodies and purify ourselves with a scheduled nervous breakdown. performative improvised talk with a rowing machine, a laptop, and a projector

Distributed Render Errors, 2013

No Input Signal Detected, 2013

Rowing against the Stream, 2013