Skype Seminar Baghdad – Berlin with Raul Walch

21. Juli 2018 / Kooperation

Skype Seminar with Raul Walch and Christina Werner, 21.7.2018, 16-18.30 h (Baghdad)


Ahmed Hussein Ali, Ahmed Al Saad, Tabarek Al Atrakchi, Akram Assam, Ameen Mokdad, Ammar Hussein, Atef Al Jaffal, Hussam Mohammed, Hussain Muttar, Israa Ali, Loay Al Hadhary, Mohammed Alwash, Mohammed Kazratch, Muhaned Taha, Muna Al Jaffal, Osama Zaid Massoud, Zaid Saad.
Documentation: Mounir Salah
Translator: Amal Ibrahim
Hosted by TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute

Special thanks to Hella Mewis

Photos by Christina Werner, unless otherwise noted.

This event is part of a workshop series „Arts Seminar in Baghdad“, conceived and organised by the Goethe-Institut Irak, in collaboration with the Institut für Raumexperimente (Institut for Spatial Experiments), Berlin and hosted by TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute in BAIT TARKIB.