Exkursion nach Zürich

17. - 21. Mai 2011 / Kooperation, Roadtrip

Kooperationsprojekt Mapping Everything mit der Klasse Günther Vogt, Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur, ETH Zürich

Tuesday, 17/05/11
19:00: Welcome and get-together at Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG; Introduction by Nicola Eiffler (Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur, ETH), Eric Ellingsen and Christina Werner (Institut für Raumexperimente, UdK)
20:00: Pizza and “Making of: Film Night”: Baraka, films of Charles and Ray Eames, films of Francis Alÿs

Wednesday, 18/05/11
10:00: Meeting with Günther Vogt at Masoala Halle, Zoo Zürich: Guided tour and discussion
14:00: Meeting at ETH Zürich, Professur Günther Vogt, Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur
14:00–17:00: Reading of “Manhattan Transcripts” by Bernard Tschumi and watching the making of: “Rem Koolhaus : Lagos wide and close, an interactive journey”
17:09–17:32: coffee and discussion
17:32–21:30: Rem Koolhaas & Bernard Tschumi: A conversation, moderated by Stephan Trüby with an introduction by Marc Angélil and Philip Ursprung

Thursday, 19 /05/11
8:00: Final critiques at Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur, ETH
13:00: Meet at Flussbad Oberer Letten
13:00–16:00: Picnic with lots of sandwiches, chips, water. Participants introduce each other, program and cooperation workshop introduction, first experimental mappings
16:00–17:00: “Mapping Walk”, back to studio
17:00–19:00: Mapping Examples: Presentations by Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten and Eric Ellingsen, syllabus based
20:00–22:00: Dinner with both groups

Friday, 20/05/11
10:00–13:00: Meeting at Walchebrücke/Park am Landesmuseum: Reading practice *Certeau, Gatty, and Calvino, etc., syllabus based
13:00–15:00: Movement experiments and picnic practice
15:00–18:00: More Walks and Mapping Experiments in public space near China Garden and Casino towards Bellevueplatz
18:00–19:30: studio tour of Studio Günther Vogt/ Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG
20:30–22:30: dinner and drinks and presentations with the studio team

Saturday, 21/05/11

10:00–15:00: Guided gallery tours and gallerist talks

Exkursion organisiert von: Christina Werner, Eric Ellingsen, Nicola Eiffler

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