Feeling Emotional, How Touching

17. November 2010 / Making-of

Experience Experiments (Feeling Emotional, How Touching)

Proprioception; sustained spatial accuracy; body schema & body image (precept, concept, affect); embodiment; fixed frames of reference; expression of emotions in man and animals; the Molyneux question; kiki/bouba effect; throwness

Erin Manning and Brian Massumi: Coming Alive in a World of Texture: For Neurodiversity
Shaun Gallagher: How the Body Shapes the Mind (excerpts)

Jules Verne: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Ian Hacking: Representing and Intervening: “The Creation of Phenomena”

Table-top experiment (group): alien hand syndrome; inverted mirror hand tracing experiments; inverted expressions; von frey hairs