NOWs: Alius by Rodrigo Maltez Novaes and Simen Musæus

13. April 2016 / Nows


Alius is an artistic research project in its pilot phase:
Developed by Rodrigo Maltez Novaes and Simen Musæus, Alius seeks to leverage generative algorithms, machine learning, and distributed data technology in the pursuit of radical alternatives to text.
Their current model takes as its inputs: hypermedia, clusters of linkable media (e.g. a blog post, or a .JPEG), to produce a mesh of radically abstracted signs that can be rendered in myriad visual representations, opening new forms of experiencing and navigating knowledge.
Bringing together practitioners from linguistics, technology, and contemporary art, Alius questions whether the habituated communication forms have reached the potential that digital infrastructures offer. Combining strands of artistic research and technological development, Alius generates an ecosystem of new narratives and solutions that test established notions of language and media.

Watch the introduction video about Alius and feel welcome to contact the artists for futher information.