NOWs: back there

28. September - 26. Oktober 2019 / Nows

back there

group exhibition

Galerie Nord – Kunstverein Tiergarten
Turmstraße 75
Berlin Moabit

27 September, 6 pm
Soundperformance by Anna Schimkat, 8 pm

back there
with works by Stefan Cantante, Birke Gorm, Rike Horb, YL Hsueh, Timo Kahlen, Nick Koppenhagen, Jeewi Lee, Jonas von Lenthe, Marina Naprushkina, Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit, Stefan Riebel, Marion Ritzmann, Emmilou Rößling, Agnes Scherer + Paul DD Smith, Anna Schimkat, Gaby Taplick und Sung Tieu

The group exhibition back there deals with the obvious. Something obvious is obviously so, and not something else. Something obvious is transparently so and so are the spaces of the Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten. With its large glass front, the distance between the public space and the gallery space remains largely invisible. The actual social and economic distance is obviously much longer. The exhibition back there takes this paradox as its starting point and works to bring the otherwise hidden conditions of the gallery to the surface. Specifically designed to split the gallery space into – what appears as – two backrooms, a wooden wall further undermines the distinction between surface and background.

Outside along the Turmstraße, this work continues. The art appears here purposely incidental, borderline functional, always remaining in the background. Besides individual reasons, there are historical and social reasons that determine if something appears as obvious at a given moment and is thus considered real and important. Visibility is anything but politically neutral, it’s a contested resource that is distributed unequally. The exhibition
back there blurs the gaze and invites the visitors to look past the obvious. It’s an invitation to realize how the own gaze contributes to what appears as obvious and to take responsibility for what is obviously overlooked.


Sa 28.9., 14 Uhr; Sa 12.10., 14 Uhr; Fr 25.10., 16 Uhr
Nansen is missing
Performances von YL Hsueh

So 29.9., 13 Uhr
in englischer Sprache

Mi 9.10., 18 Uhr
in deutscher Sprache

Sa 26.10., 19 Uhr
Performance von Emmilou Rößling

Mi 23.10., 20 Uhr, Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit, Beusselstr. 26
Unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit
Performative Lesung