NOWs: Bottom Up by Malte Bartsch

07. - 26. September 2020 / Nows

Bottom Up

Einzelausstellung von Malte Bartsch

Feldstrasse 121
8004 Zurich

6 September, 2 – 7 pm

Lemoyne is happy to announce Malte Bartsch’s (*1984) first solo show in Zurich titled Bottom Up.

In this exhibition, the Berlin-based artist explores themes of innovation, labor and the relationship between man and machine that are recurrent in his œuvre. The so-called ‘bottom-up approach’ describes the optimization of work processes from ‘bottom to top’. In this process, an increased and thus more profitable work performance is achieved by giving employees the right of co-determination with regard to certain projects and processes, thereby stimulating their motivation. This process culminates in an apparent freedom that is particularly popular in times of tech start-ups, which have now grown into giants, and is part of their innovation-driven success. In his exhibition ‘Bottom Up’, Malte Bartsch discusses what technological progress, competition and labor can stand for in an age of technology and globalization. The measurability of success and optimization is questioned, as well as the inability of humans to deal with their own failure.