NOWs: Matthias Sohr – Public Science

01. Dezember 2017 - 20. Januar 2018 / Nows

Matthias Sohr: Public Science


Tunnel Tunnel
Place du Tunnel
1005 Lausanne
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In the context of the festival Les Urbaines, Tunnel Tunnel is pleased to present the solo exhibition Public Science by Matthias Sohr.

With Public Science, Matthias Sohr gives an account of things we encounter in our cities on an everyday basis without us paying attention to them, and yet they are in constant dialogue with our bodies. His sculptures – whether incorporating armrests, bathroom structures or floor markings – endorse shapes and reliefs that are as much a part of art history as they are of the street, thus integrating our everyday life at the price of an almost unconscious assimilation. Matthias Sohr re-enacts these forms and materials in the exhibition space and re-sensitizes the viewer’s visual and visceral attention through his works.

Matthias Sohr was born in 1980 in Düsseldorf. He lives and works in Lausanne.

This event is supported by AktiFlex, Sunrise Medical Switzerland and REC Bauelemente.