NOWs: Rune Bosse at The Hirschsprung Collection

02. Februar - 28. April 2019 / Nows

Down to earth.

Danish painting 1780-1920 and landscapes of the anthropocene

The Hirschsprung Collection
Stockholmsgade 20
2100 København Ø

Down to Earth is a visionary exhibition, which brings art and the natural sciences together to discuss one of the most urgent questions of our times. In the exhibition, the question of what we are doing to our planet is asked through a historical reflection of how we got to this precarious moment.

The landscape, nature, and our surroundings have changed dramatically in the last 200 years. We live in the Anthropocene Epoch, in which humanity’s impact on nature has run so deep as to have left its own geological traces. Down to Earth shows us how, as early as the nineteenth century, landscape painting and the natural sciences were already working together to document and interpret the landscape’s profound transformation.

The two renowned contemporary artists Rune Bosse and Camilla Berner add a current dimension to the subject with new works that are locally anchored and site-specific.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Faaborg Museum, Fuglsang Kunstmuseum, the Ribe Art Museum and The Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen. The exhibition is curated by Gry Hedin (Faaborg Museum), Gertrud Oelsner (The Hirschsprung Collection), and Thor J. Mednick (University of Toledo).