Performance Practices Marathon: Tag 2

13. Juni 2013 / Marathon

Performance Practices Marathon: Tag 2

Beiträge von Christian Falsnaes, Kendell Geers, Oliver Marchart, Bettina Masuch, Vladimir Miller, Alexandra Pirici, Meg Stuart, Joanna Warsza, Dana Yahalomi. Mittagessen mit Dinner Exchange Berlin +.


performance and talk with Christian Falsnaes

Meg Stuart & Vladimir Miller: „MESSY PILE is a state of engagement for several performers, objects and materials. This durational work was created as a collaboration between Meg Stuart and the artists Vladimir Miller and Claudia Hill and developed as a part of the performance „Sketches/notebook“ conceived by Meg Stuart. Where is the balance in collectivity between the individual curiosity of exploration and the movement of the whole? The performers are exploring this question through a state of fascination with a messy pile of materials, clothing and quotidian objects. They are engaged in a constant process of discovery of how a particular thing in the pile is relatable to them, their fantasy and their body, what it is and what it is for. The eagerness not to loose anything, to keep it all together creates a fragile community that constantly shifts its form and direction. A common course of movement emerges here from within a crush of intentions and fuses these negotiations with bodies and objects into something shared: a state of being-together where an engagement with everything as material is the driving force of transformation.“ Created with the participation of musician Brendan Dougherty and performers Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos, Antonija Livingstone, Leyla Postalcioglu, Maria F. Scaroni and Julian Weber. This version performed by Jefferson Arce, Juan Gabriel Harche, Zeina Hanna, Diethild Meier, Annegret Schalke, and Maya Weinberg. Duration variable.

Vortrag von Joanna Warsza

Vortrag von Alexandra Pirici

Vortrag von Dana Yahalomi (Public Movement)

Vortrag von Oliver Marchart

Diskussion am Ende des Tages mit Teilnehmer und Gästen nach einer Einführung von Kendell Geers

Weitere Bilder

Meg Stuart & Vladimir Miller

Christian Falsnaes