NOWs: 1st Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA)

02 June - 28 October 2018 / Nows


Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA)


RIBOCA1 opens to the public: Saturday 2 June 2018

Press Preview and Vernissage: Wednesday 31 May – Saturday 2 June 2018

The 1st Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA1) is pleased to announce the artists who will participate in the first edition. A total of 99 artists including 10 collectives will be participating in the biennial. During the biennial 113 works – including 49 new commissions – will be shown in nine different venues across Riga. There will also be 10 public sculptures and site-specific interventions in various locations around the city. Many of the participating artists will present more than one work, appearing in several of the venues, thus providing an opportunity for visitors to gain a more in-depth insight into their practice.

The artists participating in the public program and making performances will be announced at later date.

Chief curator of the 1st Riga Biennial (RIBOCA1) is Katerina Gregos, curators of its public programme is Kolektivs (Zane Zajančkauska & Ilze Kalnbērziņa Praz), and associate curator is Solvej Helweg Ovesen.

Participating artists: Agency of Singular Investigations* (Stanislav Shuripa, Anna Titova), Russia (founded 2014) · Alexis Blake, USA/Netherlands (b.1981) · Alexis Destoop, Belgium/Australia (b.1971) · Adrián Villar Rojas, Argentina (b.1980) · Andrejs Strokins*, Latvia (b.1984) · Andris Eglītis*, Latvia (b.1981) · Annaïk-Lou Pitteloud, Switzerland/Belgium (b.1980) · Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Korea/Germany (b.1978) · Ariane Loze*, Belgium (b.1988) · Aslan Gaisumov, Chechnya, Russia (b.1991) · Augustas Serapinas*, Lithuania (b.1990) · Clemens von Wedemeyer*, Germany (b.1974) · Danilo Correale, Italy/USA (b.1982) · Diana Lelonek, Poland (b.1988) · Diāna Tamane*, Latvia/Belgium (b.1986) · Eli Cortiñas, Spain/Germany (b.1979) · Emilija Škarnulytė, Lithuania/Germany (b.1987) · Erik Kessels*, Netherlands (b.1966) · Ēriks Apaļais, Latvia (b.1981) · Eve Kiiler, Estonia (b.1960) · Femke Herregraven*, Netherlands (b.1982) · Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Spain (b.1970) · Han Hoogerbrugge, Netherlands (b.1963) · Hannah Anbert*, Denmark (b.1984) · Hans Rosenström*, Finland (b.1978) · Henrike Naumann*, Germany (b.1984) · IC-98, Finland (founded 1998) · Ieva Balode, Latvia (b.1987) · Ieva Epnere*, Latvia (b.1977) · Indrė Šerpytytė*, Lithuania/UK (b.1983) · Ivar Veermäe, Estonia/Germany (b.1982) · Jacob Kirkegaard, Denmark (b.1975) · James Beckett, Zimbabwe/Netherlands (b.1977) · Jani Ruscica, Finland (b.1978) · Johanna Gustafsson-Fürst, Sweden (b.1973) · Johannes Heldén, Sweden (b.1978) & Håkan Jonson, Sweden (b.1978) · Jonas Mekas, Lithuania/USA (b.1922) · Julian Charrière, Switzerland/ Germany (b.1987) · Julian Rosefeldt, Germany (b.1965) · Julijonas Urbonas, Lithuania (b.1981) · Karel Koplimets*, Estonia (b.1986) · Katarzyna Przezwańska, Poland (b.1984) · Katrīna Neiburga*, Latvia (b.1978) · Kerstin Hamilton*, Sweden (b.1978) · Kristaps Epners*, Latvia (b.1976) · Kustaa Saksi, Netherlands (b.1975) · Liina Siib*, Estonia (b.1963) · Lynn Hershman-Leeson, USA (b.1941) · Maarten Vanden Eynde*, Belgium (b.1977) · Marco Montiel-Soto, Venezuela/Germany (b.1976) · Marge Monko*, Estonia (b.1976) · Maria Kapajeva, Estonia (b.1976) · Marina Pinsky*, Russia/Belgium (b.1986) · Marisa Benjamim, Portugal/Germany (b.1981) · Mark Dion*, USA (b.1961) · Maryam Jafri, Pakistan/USA (b.1972) · Melanie Bonajo, Netherlands, (b.1978) · Michael Landy*, UK (b.1963) · Michael Sailstorfer*, Germany (b.1979) · Minna Rainio & Mark Roberts, Finland/UK (b.1974, b.1970) · Nabil Boutros, Egypt/France (1954) · Nedko Solakov*, Bulgaria (b.1957) · Nicolas Kozakis, Greece/Belgium (b.1967) & Raoul Vaneigem, Belgium (b.1934) · Nikos Navridis*, Greece (b.1958) · Oswaldo Maciá*, Colombia/UK (b.1960) · Orbita, Latvia (founded 1999) · Paulis Liepa*, Latvia (b.1978) · Petra Bauer, Sweden (b.1970) & Rebecka Katz-Thor*, Sweden (b.1982) · Robert Kuśmirowski*, Poland (b.1973) · Sandra Kosorotova*, Estonia (b.1984) · Sasha Huber, Switzerland/Finland (b.1975) & Petri Saarikko*, Finland (b.1973) · Saskia Holmkvist*, Sweden (b.1971) · Sissel Tolaas*, Norway/Germany (b.1963) · Sputnik photos*, Poland/Slovakia/Belarus (founded 2006 in Poland) · Stelios Faitakis*, Greece (b.1976) · Stine-Marie Jacobsen*, Denmark (b. 1977) · Sven Johne, Germany (b.1976) · Taus Makhacheva*, Dagestan, Russia (b.1983) · Teemu Korpela*, Finland (b.1980) · Tilman Wendland*, Germany (b.1969) · Tobias Zielony*, Germany (b.1973) · Trevor Paglen, USA (b.1974) · Valio Tchenkov*, Bulgaria/Germany (b.1966) · Vladimir Svetlov, Latvia (b.1973) · Viron Erol Vert*, Turkey/Germany (b.1975) · Jevgeni Zolotko*, Estonia (b.1983) · Žilvinas Landzbergas*, Lithuania (b.1979)

*An asterisk denotes a new commission

The Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA) announced nine main venues, which will host the inaugural edition of the biennial and its related public programme and events. The majority of these spaces are within 20 minutes walking distance of each other, creating a sustainable parcours and allowing visitors the time to experience the exhibition and the artists, as well as to discover the city.

The selected venues reflect Riga’s diverse cultural and architectural history: from medieval and 19th century traditional wooden buildings and pre-war Art Nouveau; to Soviet modernism and impressive industrial architecture. The spaces not only serve as an aesthetically captivating frame for the concept of the biennial and its artworks but are also an integral part of the broader cultural and historical narrative of the city of Riga and the wider Baltic region.