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Fabian KnechtFabian Knecht

Entfernung, 2014


China is the most gentrificated country in the world. All over China new high-rises arise without consideration of old houses which gets deconstructed on many places. The traditional and social chinese life (Hutong-life etc.) gets in many parts destroyed. For no one this gentrification is stoppable. The only chance for me as an artist “to take the power back” is to destroy an old chinese house by myself as a massive critic. While i was destroying the old chinese house i let these workers filming who would normally dismantle the house. So i changed the function of an artist and a worker.

Produced by Vitamin Creative Space, Zoie Yung, Xiaoyu
Location: Hualong, Panyu (Agriculture Wonderland), Guangzhou, China
Logistic Arrangement: Mr. Yeung
Camer Operators: Mr. Wong Hai Le, Mr. Wang Ping An (orginally workers at Falong construction site)
Photographs: Zoie Yung, Yuichiro Tamura


Entfernung, 2014