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Yuichiro TamuraYuichiro Tamura

A dream I dreamt in a forest, 2014

mixed media from the urban forest

I slept for two nights in the urban village in Guangzhou, China.  While asleep, I caught a strange dream. I told people I met about the dream. They offered objects to help realize the dream. I paid them for their things. The dream materializes.

Three day weekend
Many people with a fork in one hand are making a column in the Restaurant
I drink at the end of the train with a friend.
There is window next to the bed. A monk suggests not to look in this window.
The friend is floating in the air over the frogs.
A white porcelain cow on the orchid.
Time passes.  Hanging in the room, something I do not know.
Numerous peanuts in the sky.
An man does not work because of the pain in his hip.
I do not want to hit my little toe on the foot of the desk.
Outside it is cold. Even to imagine hitting my toe is painful.
Another friend waits in the cold for two hours.
Quickly I run down the hill careful to avoid the approaching train.
A married woman goes outside two times a year. Now she to waits in the square of a castle.
The man scrubs the body of a naked woman.
Animals who are intertwined overlap.
Many gloves of two colors.
The dog runs away with the towel I throw into the road.
The cymbal is dropped from an airplane.
The cymbal rolls up the road.
It stops when hitting a tree on the other side of the road.

A dream I dreamt in a forest, 2014