NOWs: I travelled 1.8 million years to be with you by Anne Duk Hee Jordan

30 March - 30 September 2018 / Nows

Anne Duk Hee Jordan: I traveled 1.8 Million Years To Be With You. Specific installation with stone and a fishing net between existing buoys

I traveled 1.8 Million Years To Be With You

by Anne Duk Hee Jordan


Beaufort Art Triennial by the Sea, Zeebrugge Seafront, Belgium

Anne Duk Hee Jordan uses a large glacial erraticcstone in her installation (150 x 200 x150 cm). Glacial erratic stone are not native to our region. During the last ice age, the Saale Ice Age, around 200,000 B.C., Scandinavian stones were brought here in the ice caps that stretched from Scandinavia to the Netherlands. Later as well, foreign stones ended up in Bruges when the city was part of the Hanseatic route, a maritime trading route from Estonia to France. They were used in monuments, churches and cemeteries.

The stone hangs between two buoys and it appears as if it were being held up by a net. These sorts of buoys are used to guide ships navigate to their destination. It thus appears as if the stone, after endless roaming, has at last reached its destination. The illogical structure, contrasting the blackness of the stone and the lightness of the net, creates a tension between perception and reality. This also leads to the question of how the stone ended up in this spot. Was it by means of natural migration or via recent transport by humans? As a result of its unusual position, the stone seems to have its own personality. The stone is an itinerant witness that observes human activity. It reminds us of the transience of human life, while the stone itself is immortal.

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Beaufort is a triennial art project that extends along the entire Belgian coastline. It is a project, launched in 2003, in which the sea often plays the main role. In Beaufort 2018, the sea will be illuminated as a place that is both uncontrollable but at the same time links us to the rest of the world. Every participating artist comes from a country that borders on the sea. An underlying theme of this edition is the role of permanent monuments.

Attia (FR) – Nina Beier (DK) – Guillaume Bijl (BE) – Simon Dybbroe Møller (DK) – Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys (BE) – Edith Dekyndt (BE) – Stief DeSmet (BE) – Jason Dodge ( USA) – Jean-François Fourtou (FR) – Ryan Gander (GB) – Iman Issa (EC) – Anne Duk Hee Jordan (DE / KR) – Basim Magdy (EC) – Katja Novitskova (EST) – Rotor (BE) – Frederik Van Simaey (BE) – Leon Vranken (BE) – Xu Zhen (Produced By MadeIn Company) (CN)