NOWs: Europe Square by Yves Mettler

12 April - 29 May 2016 / Nows

Intervention “Europaplatz (Chur), commissioned by the art in public space festival, Chur_Interveniert. © Yves Mettler (photo&art), Chur (CH), 2003


Yves Mettler introduces his research project Europe Square on urban geographies and places named “Europe Square”, “Europaplatz”, or “place de l’Europe” and analyses his past interventions in different cities with regard to participation, public use and the signficance of those places within the European cities.

His most recent installation The Mayor, The Numbers and The Midi that presents part of his Europe Square reserach is shown at BOZAR in Brussels in the context of the the exhibition Imagine Europe : In Search of New Narratives, which brings together artists, scientists and thinkers to present their vision of a future Europe. Yves Mettler displays a comprehensive collection of visual materials that portraits different “Europe Squares” and the respective cities. The installation generates a vocabulary of space that problematizes representation of cultural hegemony and searches for notions of diversity or “pan-culturalism”.

Europaplatz (From With Love), Postcards, B/W inkjet photo prints, laserprint, 2015, Sammlung BAK Schweiz

Video excerpt Europaplein (Autour de Midi), 7.24, double monitor DV-PAL, 2016

If you have postcards or documentation of public places named “Europe Square”, please be welcome to share with the artist and send them to: or to Institut für Raumexperimente, Christinenstr. 18/19, Haus 2, 10119 Berlin, Germany.