NOWs: History Sugar Dream – Expedition by Brändli&Holliger

19 May 2016 / Nows


Basel based artist Gregor Brändli and Jeremias Holligercall their experimental film “History Sugar Dream – Expedition” a poetic counter proposition if compared to popular music videos. The film is produced in conjunction with the new album by Post-Jazz-Trio RUSCONI. Thurday, May 19, 2016 the film “History Sugar Dream – Expedition” by Gregor Brändli & Jeremias Holliger is presented at Alpinen Museum Bern. Find a short introduction trailer on

Excerpt: History Sugar Dream – Expedition, 2014, experimental film, 56 min., Gregor Brändli & Jeremias Holliger, Stadtkino Basel, CH (2014)

TWISTED (RUSCONI) by Brändli&Holliger (official. right!)

The song TWISTED as an extract of the poetic “Expedition History Sugar Dream” – a playful journey through Switzerland, in which scenes and situations are filled with the sound of RUSCONI’s latest record ‘History Sugar Dream’ – counterdraft to the well-known music-clip, an episodic film, that puts music-recordings and images into a scenic dialog – with a spatially and timely uncertain ending. It is going to be examined how RUSCONI’s music sounds and echos in different surroundings. The Expedition History Sugar Dream leads you through Switzerland in eight days. Starting at Swissminiatur via Porta Alpina and inside the NEAT, into the backmost “Glarner Land”, to lions and tigers, into a henhouse and an indoor-skifacility.
The filmmaker and fotografer Gregor Brändli, being asked by the band RUSCONI in autumn 2013, developed the concept together with the artist Jeremias Holliger. With a seven-headed crew the expedition started on March 10th 2014.