NOWs: Samsa, Samsa, Samsa by Leon Eixenberger & Kat Válastur

29 March - 02 April 2017 / Nows

Samsa, Samsa, Samsa

by Leon Eixenberger & Kat Válastur



Opening: 29.3. from 19h – 20h, HAU 2 (second floor)
Opening hours: 29.3., 31.3, 1.4. & 2.4.
19h – 20h & 21h – 22h

The installation is as part of Kat Válatur’s retrospective „We were better in the future“. The installation is accessible for free, tickets to the performances are available here.

The traveler revisits a deconstructed landscape and faces the bones of the past in a new ground and time. Natural elements and objects are reassembled in new ways forming a new use. Material and bodies are exposed to dimensions and dimensions are elevated to deeper and more complex systems of cosmologies. Structures are used to stimulate the traveler´s cocoon like a charger of transformative power. The meaning of the clock falls into an abstract assemblage of annual growth rings, exceptional fossils are detached from the soil and the food becomes monolithic.

Leon Eixenberger & Kat Válastur