Baghdad Walk I

16. - 17. November 2018 / Kooperation, Ausstellung

Group exhibition in public space

Baghdad Walk is a group exhibition by emerging Iraqi artists presented in the public space and in different locations in Karada, Baghdad. The walk starts at Iraqi Independent Film Centre, leads along Al Rasheed Street to Midan Square, connects Tayeran Square, Tahrir Square and Kahramana Square, spreads along the Abu Nawas riverside and meanders through Karada neighborhood, featuring time-based works and interventions. It is an exhibition and a narrative tour of the city. The participating artists connect their works with the specific locations, introducing background information on site. Manifold stories about the city of Baghdad are told and retold anew through the artists’ perspectives and the encounters they create.

Please find further information here and find the project’s bilingual (English-Arabic) website here.

Baghdad Walk is the result of a workshop series Arts Seminar in Baghdad, conceived and organised by the Goethe-Institut Irak, in collaboration with the Institut für Raumexperimente (Institut for Spatial Experiments), Berlin and hosted by TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute in BAIT TARKIB. Hosted by TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute. Choreographed by Hella Mewis and Christina Werner.