28. August - 20. September 2020 / Nows


DIRECTED BY Carlos Manuel

Premiere August 28th at 7 pm in the JTW
Gelsenkircherstr. 20, 12583 Berlin

The production deals with the novel „Lord of the Crows“ by the Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong’o and creates a polyphonic political parable that does not know the one truth: in the confusion of voices, everyone seeks their place in the world And every story opens up a new event. In a country that wants to reach the sky with the tallest tower in the world, everyone has their hardship – from the simple policeman to the housewife, from the corrupt magnate to the countless unemployed who work in long periods Queues stand and wait until the dictator himself …

Director: Carlos Manuel | Choreography: Jenny Mezile | Stage / Installation: Anne Duk Hee Jordan | Costume: Verena Hay
with André Bertholdt, Andrea Manke, Daria Lazarieva, Esra Meyer, Florian Henning, Gianni Masariè, Jawid Arthen, Jingyun Li, Joachim Giera, Joyce Ferse, Leon Schley, Lia Runau, Maria Cecília, Martina-Malte Rathmann, Natalia Matthies, Pedro Ramires , Renate Schönfisch, Samson Ghebrehiwet, Sibel Kir

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