NOWs: ZTSCRT #35 – Fragen

ZTSCRT #35 – Fragen

Berlin release of ZTSCRT magazine’s latest issue Fragen

Release party
29 August, 5–10pm

with a video piece by Mårten Spångberg

Hopscotch Reading Room (outdoors)
Kurfürstenstrasse 14
10785 Berlin

Featuring contributions by

Nikita Kadan, Nora Turato, Mårten Spångberg, Johanna Dumet, Barry Schwabsky, Till Megerle, Michael Baers, John Miller, Alexander Wolff, Marco Poloni, Eugenia Lai, Sarah Ortmeyer, Olivier Foulon, George Porteus and Christian Egger

Since 2002, the artists Christian Egger, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Yves Mettler, Magda Tothova and Alexander Wolff have been producing a magazine as an independent, international publication on contemporary art, theory and society. The magazine changes its font with each issue. The name of the font becomes the issues‘ title.

Published so far: Chicago, Times, Plotter, Helvetica, DIN, Techno, Löhfelm, RR_02, Univers, Tiffany, Circuit, Memphis, Gringo, Zeus, The Mix, Princess Lulu, Pigiarniq, Paper, Libertine, Trixie, Déjà Vu, Auto, Rediviva, Acid, Wanda, Loraine, Hallo, Korpus, Spiegel, Zeitschrift, FIG, Museo, Lisa Fittko, Dyslexie and Fragen.

Edited and published by: Christian Egger, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Yves Mettler, Magda Tóthová, Alexander Wolff

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