NOWs: Contributions at Yokohama Triennale 2020

17. Juli - 11. Oktober 2020 / Nows

Resonance of the Unforeseen, Yokohama Museum of Art. Photos by KATO Ken © Ivana Franke, © Yokohama Triennale. Courtesy of Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale

Yokohama Triennale 2020


Yokohama Museum of Art

A luminous interval, a glowing anticipation, a lambent flow, a charged current of energy between thickets of presence and becoming

Yokohama Triennale 2020, its 7th edition, will be led by Raqs Media Collective, a collective of three artists based in New Delhi, India, as its artistic director. Under Raqs Media Collective’s direction, it will take the artists and co-travelers on a journey through time and space.

The title of Yokohama Triennale 2020 is “AFTERGLOW,” a word chosen by Raqs Media Collective to reference how, in our everyday lives, we unknowingly experience the residues of light sparked at the beginning of our time, as in the case of how the “white noise” on our analog televisions included fragments of cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the cosmic Big Bang. By referring to the Big Bang’s destructive energy that propelled creativity and over time, gave birth to life on this planet, and its radiation that is toxic as well as therapeutic, Raqs Media Collective takes interest in the cycle of destruction/toxicity and recovery/care in the human activities of the contemporary age. Together with the artists, audience, and others, Raqs Media Collective will explore ways to co-exist with toxicity for human sustenance and survival in this world in flux, rather than eliminate it.

Artists @ Yokohama Museum of Art (YMA)
Morehshin Allahyari / Robert Andrew / Aono Fumiaki / Arai Takashi / Rosa Barba / Taysir Batniji / Nick Cave / Chen Zhe / Jesse Darling / Max De Esteban / Eva Fàbregas / Alia Farid / Ivana Franke / Zuza Golińska / Nilbar Güreş / Ingela Ihrman / Iiyama Yuki / Iwama Asako / Kaneuji Teppei / Lebohang Kganye / Kim Yunchul / Make or Break (Rebecca Gallo & Connie Anthes) / Taus Makhacheva/ James Nasmyth / Park Chan-Kyong / Renuka Rajiv / Oscar Santillan / Sarker Protick / Sato Masaharu / Sato Risa / Tsherin Sherpa / Elias Sime / Rayyane Tabet / Takemura Kei / Omer Wasim & Saira Sheikh / Lantian Xie / Zhang Xu Zhan

Artists @ PLOT 48
Haig Aivazian / Farah Al Qasimi / Korakrit Arunanondchai / Hicham Berrada / Farming Architects / Rahima Gambo / Andreas Greiner / Tina Havelock Stevens / Joyce Ho / Iikawa Takehiro / Kawakubo Yoi / Elena Knox with collaborating artists / Lau Wai / Russ Ligtas / Naeem Mohaiemen / Amol K. Patil / Aluaiy Pulidan / Oscar Santillan / Sarker Protick / Sato Risa / Renu Savant / Anton Vidokle / Zheng Bo

Artist @ NYK Maritime Museum / Marianne Fahmy

Artists @ Ongoing Episōdos
Episōdo 02 / Deliberations on Discursive Justice / Michelle Wong, Lantian Xie, Kabelo Malatsie / Scenography for Suspended Time / Protagonists: Heron, fish, copper, Nanni, Kinoshita Takahiro, Mr. King, Cici Wu, Pallavi Paul, Sunday Lai Long Sang, Hicham Berrada, money plant, snake plant, butterfly palm, Pushie the cat, and George Mahashe/ Johannesburg—July 3 to August 14, 2020

Episōdo 03 / Deliberations on Discursive Justice / Michelle WONG, Lantian XIE, Kabelo MALATSIE / Yokohama / Chasing the Scent / With Merv ESPINA and PUGMENT / @ YMA

Episōdo 04 / Institute for Tropical and Galactical Studies / Curated by Inti Guerrero / From the YMA collection: Ishikawa Mao, Ishiuchi Miyako, Paul Jacoulet, Tanaka Atsuko, Wilhelm Von Gloeden, and with invited artists: Kathy Jetñil-Kikiner with Dan Lin, Eisa Jocson, Cristina Lucas and Anting-Anting artifacts from the Philippines / @ YMA

Episōdo 06 / Broom stars / Iwai Masaru / @ YMA and dispersed in the city

Episōdo 09 / The case of the ringing bell / Dennis Tan / @ PLOT 48

Episōdo X / Online with artists, docents, volunteers, and viewers
Artists @ Forthcoming Episōdos
Episōdo 01 / Deliberations on Discursive Justice / Michelle Wong, Lantian Xie, Kabelo Malatsie / Afterparty / Protagonists: Phastoki, Fotan Laikee, Amiya Napgal, and Jerome Reyes / Hong Kong (TBA)

Episōdo 05 / SURE INN / Printing Sound / @ PLOT 48

Episōdo 07 / Sound Reasons / Ish Shehrawat (Ish S), Venzha Christ / @ YMA

Episōdo 08 / Chemistry – The Story of C / Tamura Yuichiro / @ YMA + online

Episōdo 10 / TBA

Artists @ Episōdo 00 / Sharing the Sources / November 30, 2019 / Shintaku Kanako, Tamura Yuichiro, Lantian Xie, Ivana Franke, Hicham Berrada / @ PLOT 48

Sourcebook / Yokohama Triennale

Asako Iwama: non-visible (still), 2013. © Asako Iwama and Derrick Wang

Andreas Greiner: From Strings To Dinosaurs, 2014 © Andreas Greiner, composition by Tyler Friedman