NOWs: Making Kin – Melanie Bonajo, Madison Bycroft, Anne Duk Hee Jordan

03. Juli - 06. September 2020 / Nows

Making Kin – Melanie Bonajo, Madison Bycroft, Anne Duk Hee Jordan

Kunsthaus Hamburg
Klosterwall 15
20095 Hamburg

„Making Kin”, the phrase that gave the show its title, is a maxim coined by the philosopher of science and pioneer cyborg feminist Donna Haraway who calls for an interspecies symbiosis. Her texts are teeming with all kinds of different creatures. To ensure a liveable future for the following generations, we, as mortal “critters”, need to link up ourselves with multiple configurations of places, times, matters and meanings so that new life can be “composted” from the planet-destroying Homo sapiens.

The artists scrutinize established terms like nature, culture and technology, including their definitional boundaries. They are interested in the hybrid network between humans and their environment. In a humorous and playful manner, they draw up experimental and future-oriented scenarios that challenge our customary lifestyles and likewise make new models of community both imaginable and apprehensible. New works were created for the exhibition that inspire us to reflect upon an overall ecological principle of connectivity.

Anne Duk Hee Jordan, From the deep sea archive: piranhas are not so deep, 2017