NOWs: Itinerance by Elise Eeraerts

16. März - 29. April 2018 / Nows

Elise Eeraerts: Itinerance

Manoir de la Touche


Musée Dobrée, Nantes, France

The exhibition Itinerancia brings together, in the walls of Manoir de la Touche of the Dobrée Museum, the works of the resident artists of Casa de Velázquez in Madrid in 2016-2017: Anaïs BOUDOT, Nathalie BOURDREUX, Ernesto CASERO , Anne-Sophie DUCA, Elise EERAERTS, Ana Maria GOMES, Nino LAISNÉ, Alejandro RAMIREZ ARIZA, Baktash SARANG, Giorgio SILVESTRINI, Keen SOUHLAL, Benjamin TESTA, Marianne WASOWSKA .