NOWs: Towards a Sentimental Cartography of Water

28. November - 14. Dezember 2018 / Nows

Towards a Sentimental Cartography of Water

Group show with Nina Schuiki and Das Numen et. al.

Greatmore Artists Studios
47-49 Greatmore Street Woodstock
Western Cape 7925
South Africa
opening: 28 November 2018, 6pm
Curated by Stefan Vicedom
With Madeleine Bazil // Lizette Chirrime // Das Numen // Denver Jansen // Io Makandal // Koleka Putuma // Nina Schuiki // Dennis Siering
Greatmore Art Studios are glad to invite you to the upcoming group exhibition Towards a Sentimental Cartography of Water.
The effects of the latest water crisis still shape the social, economical and environmental life of Cape Town and the Western Cape. What once was thought to be a finite state of emergency thus more and more becomes a new form of normality. But which attributes define and characterise this labile situation of a new normal? How has the crisis modified the personal and public relation to water? And to what extent can the crisis even serve as a catalyst for change that transforms the negative implications into a positive outlook?
The exhibition Towards a Sentimental Cartography of Water explores these issues through a range of photographic images, drawings, installations and media works by artists based in South Africa and Europe. In an associative way they provide first coordinates for an yet unwritten cartography that describes our far-reaching connectedness with water.
The exhibition is organised by Berlin-based curator Stefan Vicedom who currently participates in the Greatmore Art Studios‘ residency programme.