Roter Salon. A film by Clara Jo

24 October 2014 / Acting Archives, Making of

Roter Salon. A-B-A-B-A: from hear to here, a film by Clara Jo

Roter Salon. A-B-A-B-A: from hear to here (2014)

A film by Clara Jo

As a continuation of the poetry event “Ishe get ‘um, OK Poetry” held at Jan Meda Field in 2012, members of the Poetic Jazz Group collaborate with Berlin-based poets, artists and musicians in an experimental workshop, the aim of which had been to translate and transcribe contemporary poetry practices back into performance. The film follows this three-day-long workshop and presentation of poetry jazz concert that brought together poets, musicians, artists, and translators from Addis Ababa and Berlin at Roter Salon/Volksbühne in Berlin, 2014.

The event series A-B-A-B-A : from hear to here is a collaboration initiated by Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin University of the Arts as part of the project Acting Archives. Choreographed by Christina Werner and Eric Ellingsen; realized together with Palais Wittgenstein/Roter Salon at Volksbühne Berlin; funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.