Baghdad Walk IV

30 October 2021 / Collaboration, Exhibition

Baghdad Walk IV

Group exhibition in public space

BAGHDAD WALK is a series of group exhibitions in public spaces across the city of Baghdad, Iraq. The latest edition of these art walks – Baghdad Walk IV – took place at Baghdad Central Station.

Baghdad Walk IV features site-specific interventions and presentations by the following artists:

Mayar Abdulkareem, Atef Al Jaffal, Zahraa Al Obaidi, Muntadher Amel, Anees Amer, Shams Aqeel, Tabarek Al Atrakchi, Fatima Dhahir, Loay Al Hadhary, Maryam Hazim, Zahraa Hassan, Nada Hussain, Hella Mewis, Hussam Mohammed, Ameen Mokdad, Yousr Mokdad, Hussain Muttar, Mohammed Nameer, Karrar Saad, Zaid Saad, Muhaned Taha, Basma Watheq, Mohanad Yakoob, Rose Yousif

Please find the project’s bilingual (Englisch-Arabic) website here.

Baghdad Walk is a project by the Goethe-Institut Irak, conceived and organised in collaboration with the Institut für Raumexperimente (Institute for Spatial Experiments), Berlin and hosted by TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute in BAIT TARKIB, choreographed by Hella Mewis and Christina Werner. It is the result of the workshop series „Arts Seminar in Baghdad“.

Photos: Hella Mewis, Anees Amer, Muntadher Amel