Baghdad Walk VI

27 - 28 October 2023 / Collaboration, Exhibition

Baghdad Walk IV

Group exhibition in public space

Baghdad Walk is an annual series of workshops culminating in a group exhibition presented in public spaces across the city of Baghdad. This year’s sixth edition – Baghdad Walk VI – took place over two meandering days in the vicinity of Al-Alawi and Al-Sarafiya Bridge. Fifteen Iraqi artists presented their works in a variety of artistic medias and expressive forms, addressing fundamental topics from human rights to climate change. The works speak to how these topical issues manifest in the artists’ surroundings and how the infringement of these rights effects their lives and the broader community.

The presented works demonstrate how upcoming generations are making sense of the changing social, political and environmental dynamics in Iraq. Many artists have taken the opportunity to focuses on artivism – artistic activism – in order to create public awareness around pressing societal issues like child labour, housing, water scarcity, environmental pollution, women’s roles in the public sphere, climate migration, land-use planning, injustice, politicized infrastructure, and coping strategies for collective and personal trauma.

Baghdad Walk IV features site-specific interventions and presentations by the following artists: Sally Naeem, Zahraa Soubhi, Noor Abd Ali, Razan Aldouri, Amnah Ali, Mahmoud Mohammed, Loay Al Hadhary, Muhaned Taha, Mohammed Kadhim, Atef Al Jaffal, Hassan Al Narjes, Haider Almaslmawe, Taqi Mohammed, Hussam Mohammed, Tarkib Collaboration.

Workshops and curatorial support: Susanne Bosch, Hella Mewis, Christina Werner

Please find the project’s bilingual (Englisch-Arabic) website here.

Baghdad Walk VI is conceptualized and organized by Tarkib and the Institut für Raumexperimente (Institute for Spatial Experiments), Berlin, and in collaboration with UNAMI Human Rights Office, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands to Iraq and Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC).

Photos: Hella Mewis, Zahraa Soubhi, Hassan Al Narjes, Atef Al Jaffal