Excursion to Boston & New York

08 - 14 February 2010 / Road Trip

Wednesday, 10/02/10
– Arrival in Boston
– Visit MIT: introduction by Ute Meta Bauer; visit class and conversation with Joan Jonas; visit class and conversation with Krzysztof Wodiczko; tour of MIT media lab and conversation with Ute Meta Bauer; meeting with MIT students
– Visit and tour of Corbusiers’ Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University
– Visit and tour of the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard University with Peter Galison, Jimena Canales and students
– Lecture/workshop with Olafur Eliasson and Sanford Kwinter at Kwinter’s class at GSD Harvard

Thursday, 11/02/10
Boston > NYC: Train experiments with students from both classes, Olafur Eliasson, Sanford Kwinter, Eric Ellingsen and Christina Werner: stationary and moving objects experiments (balls, liquid, hanging objects); walking forward and backward in cars with eyes closed against and with the direction train moves; strobe sun light experiments through windows, e.a.
– Visit and talk at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery with Olafur Eliasson before the opening
– Gallery visits in Chelsea
– Opening of Multiple shadow house by Olafur Eliasson at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Friday, 12/02/10
Walking experiments in subway stations (See: Walks: eyes closed ; imagine there is no slope ; walking perpindicular to the slope )
– Visit Studio Vito Acconci: three hours of conversation with Vito Acconci and his studio team about art and architecture
– Grand Central Station sound experiments
– Visit the High Line Park

Saturday, 13/02/10
– Tour and visit of the Drawing Center, Artists Space, Galleries

Excursion organised by Eric Ellingsen and Christina Werner

On the train

Humming, Sound Experiment