NOWs: Andreas Greiner and Raul Walch at Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS)

22 April - 09 July 2017 / Nows


7 trans-phonies

Exhibition and Opening Talk
Date    |Sat., 22 April 2017, 15:00-17:00
Venue    |Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya
Participants|Andreas Greiner, Mirna Bamieh, Ligyung, Raul Walch, Erik Schmidt, Hou I-Ting

The exhibition “7 trans-phonies” presents works by 7 creators who stayed at the TWS Residency from 2015 to 2016. The borderless city of Tokyo produces diverse harmonies and dissonances through the gathering and overlapping of individual voices. And what we hear as single sounds actually contain multiple sine waves. Creators who come to Tokyo from overseas hear the voices of foreign cultures, of their neighbors in this foreign country, of the artists they meet in Tokyo, and combine them with their own voices to create a new kind of voice/sound “trans-phony” which transcends cultural differences. Come and experience the 7 trans-phonies produced by these 7 creators.

In 2006, Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) launched the “Creator-in-Residence” program, which offers residence/production opportunities to creators from around the world. People of various nationalities and creative fields, such as art, film, music and architecture, reside and carry out their work in Tokyo and residency sites overseas.


More information, see Flyer.

Raul Walch: Fabric & Space from 2015, Tokyo (see fabric&space). The works were realized during a residency at Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan, 2015.TW

Andreas Greiner: Eye of the Hotaru Ika squid, still from Studies of an Alien Skin, 2016, photo by Paul Rohlfs

Andreas Greiner: Still from Studies of an Alien Skin, 2016, photo by Paul Rohlfs