NOWs: Re-Imagining Berlin with Yves Mettler a.o.

28 April 2018 / Nows


Re-Imagining Berlin

Noize Fabrik
Elsenstr. 52, 12059 Berlin

Saturday, 28.4.2018, 7 – 11 pm
Doors open at 7 pm
Show starts at 7.30 pm

“I was not born of city, but I will most certainly die in its arms. It is the least I can do, after it has moulded and cuddled me all these torrid years”.

Berlin is more than concrete, it is a revolving and evolving cut and pasted being. As we shift and shuffle along its many pathways we imprint upon it our own mark, but let it not be underestimated the extent to which it itself imprints upon our souls.

‘Re-imagining Berlin’ will showcase the work of some amazingly talented artists. These include spoken word dancers, comedians, dancers, photographers and visual artists. In their own unique language they collaborate to explore the importance and necessity of re-imagining Berlin.

The “Re-imagining” series is an effort to explore different perspectives and to un-box and de-box our approaches to key societal issues. It seeks to underscore the importance of unpacking polarisations and cyclical patterns and radically re-think how we address, tackle and perceive these all-important challenges.


Alexis Smith
Angela Fegers
Cedric Till
Elena Francalanci
Katie Kelly
Michael Priebe
Robin Czerny
Yusuf Rieger
Yves Mettler

This will be a BYOB event. There is a Späti located at the entrance to the venue. The bar at the venue will only be serving non-alcoholic beverages.

Tickets 7 Euros at the door before 7.30 pm,
10 Euros thereafter