NOWs: Technosphärenklänge #6

23 November 2018 / Nows

Foto: David Vintiner, Design: NODE Berlin Oslo

Technosphärenklänge #6 – Concert and Performance

with Mouse on Mars, Marco Donnarumma & Nunu Kong

23 November 2018, 8 pm

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin
8 pm: Marco Donnarumma & Nunu Kong: Alia: Zǔ tài
9.30 pm: Mouse on Mars Dimensional People Ensemble
Intelligent technologies are changing the foundations of human life through software, sensors, interfaces, and robots. These developments not only affect our way of thinking and doing, but also our relationships with each other. The sixth edition of Technosphärenklänge illuminates these new realities and explores the interfaces between humans and machines.

Marco Donnarumma and Nunu Kong | © Promo

Marco Donnarumma & Nunu Kong: Alia: Zǔ tài
The world premiere of the performance Alia: Zǔ tài: In the powerful sound choreography by Marco Donnarumma and Nunu Kong, an artificial intelligence connects three dancers equipped with sensors interacting with robotic prostheses to sound and light to create a kinetic feedback loop.

Mouse on Mars Dimensional People Ensemble | © Daniel Dittus

Mouse on Mars Dimensional People Ensemble
On their album Dimensional People, Mouse on Mars use old and new sound technologies to explore the process of music making as a model for a networked, polyphonic society. Technology acts both as an independent voice and as a mediator and translator for human encounters. The Mouse on Mars Dimensional People Ensemble puts guest musicians such as Andrea Belfi, Zach Condon from the band Beirut, Benjamin Lanz from The National, Moritz Simon Geist, and Dodo NKishi along with sound and light machines on the stage.
Jan Werner – Live Electronics
Andi Toma – Live Electronics, Guitar
Andrea Belfi – Drums
Zach Condon – Voice, Piano
Moritz Simon Geist – Sonic Robots
Benjamin Lanz – Trombone
Dodo NKishi – Percussion, Drums, Guitar
Matthias Singer – Light
Max Koerich – Sound

Mouse on Mars | © Guillaume Bog