NOWs: The New Infinity – Applied Autonomy

22 September 2019 / Nows

The New Infinity: Applied Autonomy

audiovisual performance by Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez

22 Sep 2019

8 pm
Mobile Dome on Mariannenplatz

10997 Berlin

The artwork Lucas Gutierrez designed for Robert Lippok 2018’s critically acclaimed full-length album Applied Autonomy (Raster Media) was based on a virtual object in motion. A few months later the two developed the video installation My Eyes, My Body based on this object and created an Applied Autonomy audiovisual concert. Lippok’s raw melodic approach and rhythmical abstraction build a unique force in connection with Gutierrez abstract quotes from 3D modeling for industrial design and the language of colorful, chaotic metaphysics. For the very first time Lucas Gutierrez and Robert Lippok will perform the full-dome audiovisual version of Applied Autonomy at The New Infinity.

Free admission. More information & ticket raffle coming soon.