NOWs: Within the Horizon by Quynh Vantu

20 - 28 May 2017 / Nows

Film preview. Quynh Vantu: Within the Horizon, 2017.

Quynh Vantu:


Choreographing Sverre Fehn’s Hedmark Museum

Anno museum Domkirkeodden
Strandvegen 100
2315 Hamar, Norway

Exhibition | 20-28 May 2017, Tue-Sun 10am-4pm
Opening | 20 May 2017, 8pm
Artist Talk: In Conversation | 27 May 2017, 2pm

Set within the site of Sverre Fehn’s Hedmark Museum (1967-79) in Hamar, Norway, the project Within the Horizon takes place as an intervention and collaboration with Fehn’s architecture. Constructed on the site of a former Bishop’s castle, the museum is a series of ramps, stairs and walkways that lead the visitor around, through and under the ruins of this archeological site. Fehn’s design utilizes circulation as a means to experience the spaces and his architecture acts as a guide to the museum visitor’s experience, ushering us to the various sights and locations throughout the historic site. Through Fehn’s careful choreography, Within the Horizon investigates the choreography of the space through the performance of dance.
Within the Horizon is a multi-channel video installation incorporating a collaborative performance with contemporary dancers and the architecture of the Hedmark Museum. In addition to the video installation, durational performances will take place during the exhibition period from May 20-28, 2017 that will engage the video installation, architecture and public audience. These performance will occur within the functional spaces of the museum and provide a varied viewer experience dissolving and blurring the boundaries between audience and performer.

In addition, there will be an artist talk: In Conversation with Quynh Vantu and curator Susanne Ewerlöf on Saturday 27 May, 2pm.
A full schedule of performances and talks will be listed on the website.