Space Activism Marathon, Day 1

08 June 2010 / Marathon

Walk from Institut für Raumexperimente, through Mauerpark, to Flakturm in Humboldthain; space and time marvelous movement experiments and interceptions along the way

Institute participants will be intercepted along the way by groups of people that move through space at alternative speeds and trajectories while seeing surfaces as strategies for an engagement: biking, climbing, skating, parkours, slack lining. At the same time we will talk about urbanism, preservation from a relational history of squatting and public space, speeds, and marvelous movements.

Raul Walch: Colour Bomb

Introduction by Eric Ellingsen

Mathias Heyden: squatter movement and urban development

Slackline in courtyard

Mathias Heyden: talk on Baugruppenprojekte

Mathias Heyden: talk on Brunnenviertel

Bmx & Parkour in courtyard

Slackline, Parkour and conversation inside abandoned building

Conversation at the playground

Slackline workshop

Timed Walk, on the bridge

Daniel Sprenger talks about graffiti in Berlin

Flakturm Hombuldthain