Unfair Poetry and Other Unfair Things

23 June 2012 / Workshop

Part I: Unfair Sounds

“How to speak the language of a dead species”, Workshop by Leon Eixenberger

Unfair Sound Workshop by Leon Eixenberger

Part II: Unfair Translation

Three 45-minute talks & three text experiments by Sharmila Cohen, Yves Mettler, Miodrag Kuc and Jan Bovelet (Anxious Prop)

Unfair Translation: Yves Mettler talks about the magazine The Selection

Unfair Translation: Sharmila Cohen, Telephone Journal

Part III: Unfair Discussion

Roundtable discussion about translating ideas into things. Things being publications and text transmitters.

Unfair Poetry and Other Unfair Things

Unfair poetry and other art things will be a super unfair session of readings, poems and performances from international and local writers passing through or living in Berlin.