Konjit Seyoum

18 May 2012 / Acting Archives, Conversation

Konjit Seyoum gives a short talk about her art centre and gallery in Addis Ababa. The discussion centres on ways that the space is structured as an independent project and how it manages to survive and operate within the context of Addis Ababa.

Short biography

Konjit Seyoum is a freelance conference interpreter who was trained in the Department of Interpretation and Translation Studies at the University of Trieste, Italy. In 1996, she opened the Asni Gallery in Addis Ababa with the aim of promoting contemporary Ethiopian art, with a focus on experimentation and young and emerging artists. She conceived Asni as an independent alternative space that runs with no predefined programs and maintains a low budget, avoiding whenever possible aid, sponsorship, funds, and even art sales. She has curated numerous solo and group shows and has organised talks, workshops, residencies, and community projects. Seyoum also promotes innovative vegetarian cooking, drawing on traditional Ethiopian cuisine and nutrition while exploring notions of hospitality, womanhood, the personal, and spirituality.