25 April 2020 / Nows


Although lock-down measures across the world are slowly being loosened, cultural institutions and exhibition spaces still remain largely closed. We are therefore opening the guaranteed corona-free exhibition project Airborne – contactlessly transmitted messages, designed for this new, socially distant world.

On Saturday 25th April starting at 8 in the morning a balloon will ascend into the sky of Berlin every 15-30 minutes. Attached to each balloon will be a piece of paper carrying a thought, sketch, photograph or poem from artists, writers, curators and thinkers. They shall be released into the world like messages in a bottle.

The original works can be found scattered around Berlin and Brandenburg from April 25th, and the event will also be shared live on Instagram from @airborne_project starting at 8 am. The individual contributions can be viewed on the project website from 8 pm.

A project by Diana Sprenger and Euan Williams with contributions by Be Andr, Rosie Arnold, Sven Beckstette, Fritz Bornstück, Nino Cais, Leon Eixenberger, Ivana Franke, Andreas Greiner, Lutz Henke, Alison Hugill, Samuel Imbach, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Shinae Kim, Nele Köhler, Lydia Korndörfer, Diana Liljelund, Rebecca Partridge, Gerald Pirner, Sophia Pompery, Tiago Romagnani Silveira, Otto E. Rossler, Rike Scheffler, Nina Schuiki, Diana Sprenger, Yuichiro Jose Tamura, Julia Katharina Thiemann, Lukas Töpfer, Tomoyuki Ueno, Bernard Vienat, Tom Wagner, Jonas Wendelin, Euan Williams, e.a.