NOWs: Artists Care About Bridges

13 - 16 December 2018 / Nows

FUNDRAISING initiated by Artists Care About Bridges at Acud Macht Neu

In support of the international movement SEEBRÜCKE

from 10pm to open end at Acud Club

from 4-7pm at Acud Studio

13.12 – 16.12.2018
from 12 – 9pm at Acud Courtyard

Acud Macht Neu
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin
Under the current social and political climate, in which the rise of ever more global nationalism and political backwardness is strengthened daily, we as artists, curators, activists and people need literal and metaphorical bridges to stand united and to take action together. Bridges are meeting places, they allow for possibility and for discourse. The collaboration Artists Care About Bridges is hosting a series of fundraising events on the third weekend in Advent at Acud Macht Neu; including a club night, an art auction as well as the sale of Christmas trees from organic farming. These profits go to the organization SEEBRÜCKE. SEEBRÜCKE is an international movement that receives support from the community as well as several civil society alliances and whose mission is to create safe harbors. SEEBRÜCKE will not accept Policy Makers and Governments who let people drown in the Mediterranean Sea to further seal off Europe and win political points. Artists Care About Bridges agrees that this is unbearable and against any humanitarian values. Migration is and has always been part of our society! Instead of closing borders, we need to provide more bridges, to encourage a Europe that is open, and support cities that show solidarity and provide harbors that are safe and humane. We declare our solidarity with societies who are forced to flee their homes. From German and European policy makers, we demand the establishment of safe routes for refugees, to stop the criminalization of sea rescue and to receive them in a human way whilst respecting their rights.
Artists Care About Bridges is a collaboration of activists that was conceived by cultural producer Kathrin Pohlmann and artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan, joined by the curators Pauline Doutreluingne and Petra Poelzl (Karma Ltd. Extended) and supported by Bioland Herbarium Leipzig and Acud Macht Neu. Build a bridge by extending your hand and joining us in creating an open, inclusive and progressive Europe.
10pm – open end
at Acud Club
To launch the collaboration Artists Care About Bridges, we organize a kick off fundraising club night with a pumping line up featuring Nedalot, Perera Elsewhere, DJ Residue (TTT) and Akmê (://about blank).
NEDALOT aka Neda Sanai is a Berlin based DJ & and producer that moves in the queer underground scene of Europe. With their skillful mixing of different club genres, including rap, R&B, bass music, Jersey club, 2 step, all mixed up in an ocean of twisted pop Acapella, the vibe is always intense-warped-sexy.
Perera Elsewhere (FoF) – Dj Set
Sasha Perera, aka Perera Elsewhere, is a polyglot, if there ever were one. Her music proclivities are not resigned only to her output under that name on Los Angeles imprint Friends of Friends or to her previous work she did as a member of Berlin-based globalist club project Jahcoozi. Perera also DJs and when she does, it’s all about bass music. Rooted in her love of UK sounds, she delivers a banquet selection of contemporary club sounds from all over the world to keep the bodies popping and people hungry.
DJ Residue (TTT)
Techno Excursions
Akmê (://about blank)
Akmê’s sets are known for their diversity. They are profound improvisational odysseys, which explore deep planes of emotions. Simply put: Techno with groove.
4 – 7pm
at Acud Studio
In the spirit of the necessity of “building bridges and not borders”, Artist Care About Bridges curates an art auction. There is a growing list of reputable artists, supporting joint social action by donating an art work for the auction.
Carla Åhlander, Uli Aigner, Akinbode Akinbiyi, Ariel Efraim Ashbel, Norbert Bisky, Ally Bisshop, Monika Bonvicini, Lysann Buschbeck, Johannes Buss (Radical Adults Productions), Sol Calero, Jennis Li Chengtien, Anouk De Clercq, Isaac Chong Wai, Elly Clarke, Cucula, Lucinda Dayhew, Viviana Druga, Jesper Dyrehauge, Antje Engelmann, FAMED, Azin Feizabadi, Abrie Fourie, Moritz Frei, Simon Fujiwara, Alexandra Gaul, Alexander Gehring, April Gertler, Surya Gied, Michel Gockel, Sebastian Gögel, Monika Grabuschnigg, Roman Graneist, Grit Hachmeister, Matthias Hamann, Paule Hammer, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Clara Jo, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Steffen Junghans, Aneta Kajzer, Tobias Kaspar, Susanne Keichel, Fabian Knecht, Cyrill Lachauer, Matt Lambert, Lorenz Lindner, Hanne Lippard, Lemia Monet Bodden, Rachel Monosov, Marco Montiel Soto, Raphael Nagel, Henrike Naumann, Heide Nord, Emeka Ogboh, Ahmet Ögüt, Murat Önen, Funda Özgynaydin, Peaches and Black Cracker, Alona Rodeh, Tere Recarens, Matthias Reinmuth, Johannes Rochhausen, Egill Saebjörnsson, Michael Sailstorfer, Sophia Schama, Ralf Schmerberg, Tilo Schulz, Maya Schweizer, Jenna Seedorf, Farkhondeh Shahroudi, Slavs and Tatars, Katja Stoye-Cetin, Anna Szilit, Anna Run Tryggvadottir, Markus Uhr, Viron Erol Vert, VIP, Shira Wachsmann, Raul Walch, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Tilman Wendland, Gernot Wieland, Euan Williams, Susanne M. Winterling, Tobias Zielony and more.
The auction catalogue will be online via on December 6th.
Auktionator: Fares Al-Hassan
Furthermore, there will be the chance to buy artist books as an additional opportunity to donate into the Seebrücke Movement.
13.12 – 16.12.2018
12 – 9pm
at Acud Courtyard
Christmas Trees for Sale by Bioland Herbarium Leipzig
Herbarium Leipzig promotes and practices organic farming and develops it further through interdisciplinary collaborations. The Christmas trees for sale are from organic slow growing fields in the area around Leipzig.
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