NOWs: Flying Semaphores & Floating Bridges by Raul Walch

13 May 2018 / Nows

Raul Walch: Flying Semaphores & Floating Bridges

Floating University / Raumlaborberlin

Since 2015 Raul Walch has developed various flying objects together with refugees, during numerous visits in the area of the Greek borders: kites that fly across borders, or floating lighthouses, that reflect the sunlight to attract the attention of the coast guards and serve as an orientation mark. This workshop and action series will be continued this this year in Berlin.

Raul Walch invites the participants of Floating University as well as the inhabitants of the refugee shelter on the Tempelhof airfield and others interested, for his workshop and collective flying experiments. The polymorphic flying objects will float above the fences of the airfield and expand the floating university into the sky.

May 18 – 20, 11 am – 5 pm

Raul Walch continuously visited the Greek border areas where he developed various flying objects together with refugees.

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