NOWs: Spiele mit der Ewigkeit

06 - 31 July 2018 / Nows

Spiele mit der Ewigkeit

Group Show

6 July 2018, 7 pm
Carla Cabanas, Andrés Galeano, Ka Hee Jeong, Nam Hoon Kim, Shinae Kim, Yuni Kim, Jenny Michel, Oh Jong, Sophia Pompéry, Euan Williams, Seok Hyun Han, Thomas Zipp.
The group exhibition Spiele mit der Ewigkeit (Plays with eternity) brings together twelve artists from Berlin and Seoul whose work engages with time and its infinity, with space and its boundaries, with forces of reality and the freedom of the unreal. Since prehistoric times people have dealt with the question of eternity, addressing the phenomena of time and eternal life. This search is present in the exhibition. The works ask for what could be and what could happen, even besides our limits of perception. Their artistic strategies are based on everyday observations, on collecting scientific data, on traditions and rituals. The exponates revolve around visibility and invisibility, flirting with the ephemeral, and strive for eternal art, following their playful impulse: towards infinity and eternity.
The exhibition opens with the performance Pathologies of the Image by Andrés Galeano. As in a requiem, two sopranos (Vannessa Lanch & Anastasia Nikolova) rhyme and sing about physical dangers that artworks are exposed to, about pollutants, pests or climatic conditions. The song deals with the mortality of artworks, at the same time emphasizing their immateriality and plays with the ephemeral in art, which seems to be transient in every moment and yet claims its eternity.
Curated by Keumhwa Kim