Syllabus Growing: Week 4

22 - 28 May 2013 / Making of

Week 4: This Hand is Up River, This Hand is Down River; There Are No Words for Past

led by Hendrik Wolking, then built into

This week’s syllabus starts from two examples of social organizations: (1) the possibility of living on a colony on Mars without the possibility of returning, (2) a linguist who lives with the Piraha and returns with different ideas of language and repetition and repetition and the tangled relationshiping between language, space, and time. Can we understand things we don’t have words for? What if you can’t talk for ten days? A meditation. Spatio- politico systems are discussed. Theories of first societies. How Iceland does it. Beware the snakes while sleeping. Should we butcher the ones who return from the sun squealing on the shadow casters in the cave? Please make your own links. If counting on anything maybe the difference between ordinal and cardinal counting systems counts? What if you live on Jupiter and there is only one day of sun a year and then you are locked in a closet for that one day? Is a closet also a cave dwelling? Who makes the social rules for your first society and how spatial are they? Please read the simulation intro. The relationship between organization of living and the politics of space are discussed, the possibility of leaving arriving, of staying in touch. How would you describe your sense of humor? See you on the moon.

(1) Please apply here to live on mars

(2) ALL SUMMER IN A DAY, Ray Bradbury :
“Ready?” “Ready.” “Now ?” “Soon.” (PDF)


(4) Iceland’s ALTHING, DINGPOLITIKS, and MAKING THINGS PUBLIC, p-14-21 (PDF: Bruno Latour: How to Make Things Public)

(5) Daniel Evertt: recursion and languages without words for the past (Youtube: Das glücklichste Volk der Welt) (Daniel Everett: Endangered Languages and Lost Knowledge)
“Don’t sleep there are snakes”


(7) Difference between ONE, TWO, THREE, and FIRST, SECOND, THIRD (Ordinal vs. Cardinal counting systems in Deleuze)

(8) Simulation and Simulacra, Jean Baudrillard, (read introduction)

(9) LOVE (2011 film), on the preservation of stories & a music album as a film (also watch the making of in bonus features)

(10) WOOL ( alternatives to systems around you & living in strange spaces)

(11) THE FIRST SOCIETIES, Rousseau, from The Social Contract

(12) Don’t miss your chance to buy moon-estate