Syllabus Growing: Week 3

15 - 21 May 2013 / Making of

Week 3: TIMING

Led by Tamura Yuichiro

We start with a film by the artist called FOLLOW. FOLLOW is a film in which the artist follows a monk through the same tight, long circuit of a city each day. The monk is collecting food. Donations. Daily bread. The artist shows this because he is interested in time, rhythms, rhythms, repetition. About coming back to a finished project. About comparing his piece about walking to other walks he has done. We look at works by James Bennig. At other artist’s walks. We build our daily syllabus talking about slowing down by slowing things down. We talk of rituals and dailyness, how slowing down things helps us see things differently. And speeding up. About timing. About seeing time. The times we live in. About takes. About pink crickets. The German Amazon. (Doreen Massey says to keep your eye on Amazon. The Amazon is dirty.) Below there are links to the materiality of knowledge. Bergson’s thoughts on microbes seeing across the universe. About the things the times require us to do or not. The negotiations of such. How in the public hides the personal out in the open when things go fast. When things go to fast maybe we can’t feel them. We talked a little of today’s times. What the US looks like from Germany. What Germany looks like from Tokyo. The time to stop being cynical. How old children need to get guns given to them. If the systems around us hide in the flattened space of saying things like they are outdated. How to make transparent the space in which we live all our different stories. About interruptions and hiding in the flow. The thread of the world.
These links and little readings came up or came after.
You make the connections.

(1) WALKING CLIP: from Synecdoche, New York

(2) Roman Singer, “chairs” (Trailer, link 1) (Trailer, link 2)

(3) AMAZON NAZI (Article, (Article,

(4) The Pink Cricket (Article, (Link, (Article,

(5) Lana Wachowski, the materially of knowledge

(5) James Benning: 10 Skies ; 13 lakes ; 20 cigarettes ; RR

(6) Zabriskie Point

(6) Rimini Protokoll: REMOTE X

(7) Alan Rickman

(8) Étienne-Jules Marey: Main, Ouverture et Fermeture.

(9) TIME to stop being cynical? Difference between sarcasm, humor and being cynical.

(10) Sharon Lockhart: Lunch Break (Vimeo: Double Tide) (Youtube: Lunch Break) (Link, e-flux) (Article link)

(11) Bergson and Einstein – Microbes seeing space time (PDF: Einstein, Bergson, and the Experiment that Failed: Intellectual Cooperation at the League of Nations) (PDF: Henri Bergson, Albert Einstein, and Henri Piéron: Remarks Concerning Relativity Theory)

(12) Bombs and the Rapidtronic (Youtube: How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb) (Youtube: Slow Motion Atomic Bomb)

(13) 3 SLOW FILMS:
“To be oriented in the relevant sense is not just to be here or there, in front of, behind, or to the right or left of something, but to be guided by ‘the thread of the world.’” Carman, Taylor, Merleau-Ponty (PDF: The Vestibular in Film: Orientation and Balance in Gus Van Sant’s Cinema of Walking)