NOWs: Quissac by Yalda Afsah

07 - 24 July 2019 / Nows


solo exhibition by Yalda Afsah

Still from Yaldah Afsah, Vidourle, 2019


6 JULY 2019, 5 – 9 pm

Leipzigerstraße 63
10117 Berlin

FRAGILE is pleased to announce the solo exhibition Quissac by Yalda Afsah.

The exhibition brings together two films that were developed in relation to each other, their location both being a small town in the south of France where the narrative follows a bizarre sequence of bullfights.

The films “Vidourle” and “Tourneur” both portray and fictionalize the setting for expressions of supposed dominance between human and animal, gestures of provoked violence and performed masculinity. Between strategies of construction and reality scenes unfold in which man and animal, rage and performance collapse into one another.

Vidourle, 2019, 10 min
Tourneur, 2018, 14 min


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